Our success is measured by your success.
Our goal is provide you with all of the tools you need to make, to create, to innovate and to excel at your business.

What is co-working?
Simply it is a shared office environment.

As a coworking space, we have created a collaborative atmosphere for our members by allowing our members to host monthly events, lunches and even workshops to promote their products and services. By joining nineteen, freelancers and entrepreneurs, like yourself, not only resolve their basic need for a place to park a laptop, but also gain a community. For those who want a non-traditional community-style office space away from the home, nineteen is a place to meet and collaborate with similar-minded independents and professionals from a diverse backgrounds and skills.

The Rules

To ensure that your time at nineteen is as productive and profitable as possible we have created the following set of member guidelines. Nineteen is a shared space within the city and it is thanks to the cooperation of everyone at nineteen which fosters the environment of mutual respect and general understanding.The following are a few guidelines that will ensure that your time spent at nineteen is as productive as possible.

  • Be respectful of the personal belongings and work spaces of other members.
  • Be respectful of your booking times and schedules as posted at reception.
  • Do not share any WiFi access codes or passwords with anyone not affiliated with nineteen.
  • Please keep loud noise and distractions to a minimum during working hours to avoid disturbing others.
  • Making phone calls is part of doing business at nineteen. If you need to make a phone call in private please feel free to use one of the meeting rooms if available.
  • Keep all common spaces, desks, bathrooms and kitchen areas clean.
    Report any damages to company-owned property and be prepared to pay for repairs if you are at fault.